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Contractors and shipbuilders give rave reviews for Miller's new SuitCase Series of portable feeders — lightweight, tougher than nails and a real pleasure to use. And back in the shop, manufacturers report that the Miller 70 Series is their new favorite feeder.

SuitCase 12 VS
Suitcase 8RC/12RC portable Wire Feeders build on popular design, add remote voltage control
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70 Series enhancements increase consistency, ease of use
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Why Wire Feeders?

Unless you buy an "all-in-one" Millermatic® welder, you'll need a Wire Feeder to complete your wire welding system. In fact, good MIG or Flux Cored welding depends on smooth wire feeding performance and the weld procedure controls contained within the feeder. If you're fighting problems related to erratic arcs, crater cracking or poor starts, a new wire feeder could be the solution. And note that different wire feeders have been designed to meet a variety of needs: hard wire, aluminum wire, pulsing, portability, dual-wire and boom-mounting.

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