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Speed, safety, precision, portability, simplicity and productivity - Spectrum® plasma cutters give you all these benefits and more. They keep your arc steady and cuts smooth.

Spectrum® 625

New Spectrum® 625 Plasma Cutter Cuts 1/2-in. Steel, weighs just 57 lb. for Job Site Portability.
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Spectrum® 375

New Spectrum® 375 Plasma Cutter Offers Best Performance for Metal Fab, Repair Applications.
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Why Plasma?

Drop that saw, put down the oxy-fuel torch and stow the shears in a drawer - the air plasma arc cutting process offers advantages over these other cutting methods in many applications. It can cut any electrically conductive metal, where oxy-fuel is usually limited to steel. It also minimizes the warping that happens with oxy-fuel, cuts faster than mechanical methods and makes a smooth cut. Once contractors, artists, fabricators and manufacturers try a plasma cutter, they're hooked.

Watch Miller plasma cutting and gouging in action!

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